Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Backtracking: July 30th with the Okano family

On Friday, July 30, I went to Kasai station to meet Sachi’s host family and hang out. It was a ton of fun! We had some drinks (Sachi’s host mom loves the booze :D), watched some viral videos on Youtube, and ate a fabulous lunch.

The Okano family is so cute!

Sachi’s host cat, lol. It runs away a lot so they keep it on a leash.

Then we went to the fireworks show in Asakusa! It was extremely crowded, even on the train on the way there.

More crowds! People were wearing traditional yukata dress because the fireworks are a beloved Japanese tradition. I was dying of the heat so I don’t know how they managed in the hot yukata. I wanted to wear mine but I was worried about making it gross with sweat, and about not being able to run if there was a crowd stampede for some reason.

Sachi’s host sister by the bridge.

The best place to view the fireworks is from a tour boat in the middle of the river, because you can see the fireworks from both sources (one up-river, one down-river) and the reflections in the water, with no one in your way. But you have to make a reservation at least a year in advance and I think Okano-san said it was like ~$300.

More crowds! There were ~1 million people there but thankfully it was pretty safe.

I videotaped/stalked some college students who were singing and playing drinking games with a HUGE bottle of sake. Thought it was pretty funny. :)

Here are some videos I took of the fireworks show. Some of them are only about 10 or so seconds long, but definitely worth seeing. These are my favorites of the dozen or so videos I took that night. :)

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    Aww cat on the leash.

    What was the occasion for fireworks?

    DC's fireworks were the shit for the fourth of July. I'm glad you got to see some cool ones in Japan too.